Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mom's mini-stash

My mom stopped sewing years ago in favor of boozing playing iPhone games volunteering on the local rodeo board.

It's a good thing, too; at ages 29 and 31, I no longer think it's appropriate for my sister and I to be wearing matching shorts outfits.

Her stash of fabric floated around for years at my Grampa's ranch (where I grew up) until I finally saved a little bit of it right before he was foreclosed on.

There's actually some really cute calicoes. I don't care what anyone says; I'm a sucker for quilting calicoes for dresses and tops.

Seersucker dots that my sister and I did indeed have matching outfits from, and Care Bear pillow panels from the 80s.
At least I only had to wear the outfits once-- sis had to wear them once as her own and again as my hand-me-downs.

Quite a bit of Western and cowboy themed stuff. Did I mention she volunteers for the local rodeo board?
I actually rather like it, especially the teal one.

She also has quite a few swimsuit patterns, including one or two Brooke Shields swimsuit patterns. A silly shark costume pattern (in fact, in the fabric there's some pink stripes that I recognized as the shark's "cone" to hold his nose up) that mom made for herself, but the costume was later worn by me and maybe even sis. Again with the hand-me-downs. There's also some ruffle-tastic 80s dresses that I'm honestly pretty into, but will have to learn grading to get them to fit!

(Love ya, mom!)
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