Friday, May 25, 2012

Thrifty finds: woah mama!

For all the complaining I do about our local thrift stores on this blog, I was bound to have some good luck sooner or later.
60s fabric
First up, this fabric, which my sweet baby's chunky little wrist is helping to model. To the left is a 100% groovy polyester. It's so totally 60's and much more navy in person.  It reminded me of a more angular Amy Butler print. It's 2 1/2 yards and I paid a buck a yard.

On the right is a whopping 8 1/4 yards of mid-century upholstery fabric. IN LOVE. Paid nine bucks for it, and I can't wait to find the perfect re-upholstery project for it.

I almost titled this post "I will NOT buy more fabric, I will NOT buy more fabric," but it's finds like this that make me glad I don't stick to that mantra. I can't believe I was initially on the fence about buying this fabric!

food pantry
I got this sweet little food pantry, which will be great for storing pastas and canned goods. If I didn't need it in the kitchen, it would be great towel storage in the bathroom, or a sewing stuff holder. It was marked $39 and I was all ready to pay that, but it rang up for $27 including tax. Gotta love surprise sales!

ironrite mangle
Here's the doozy; my husband brought me home an antique Ironrite mangle so I can iron my yardages and quilt tops quickly. I wish I took a picture of the manual-- it has a lady holding an extremely stiff baby girl's dress, like a piece of cardboard. He tells me it was originally $100, but wasn't selling so they marked it 75% off. So he bought it for $25, plus the manual, and the chair.

And, if you're a design freak, yes, it came with the mint condition Ironrite Health Chair (not pictured). Yes, THAT Ironrite Health Chair.
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