Thursday, May 17, 2012

Colette Sorbetto: purple floral

floral sorbetto1
Here's yet another Sorbetto.

The black floral making up the main part came from Gramma's stash and is probably from the early 90s. I thought adding another floral for the bias tape would make it more contemporary... but to me it looks like I made another old lady Sorbetto!

Not that there's a problem with that, I'm an old lady at heart.

I bought the purple stuff I made the bias tape from at WalMart, when I went there to pick up the Thomas and Friends fabric. I'd already been planning to make this one, and when I saw the purple stuff, I thought it would be perfect! ended up a little off on some of the colors. But, since I made the bias tape just an inch and a half wide (as opposed to two inches on the Thomas the Train Sorbetto), the two work OK together. floral sorbetto 5You may notice the purple strip down the center of the pleat. I had a lot less of the black stuff than the 1.5 yards called for in the Sorbetto, but I knew there was still enough to squeeze a top from it. So instead of cutting the front on the fold, I just cut it twice in two different spots. To stitch it together, I put a strip of the contrast in between, but only decided to do so after I cut it into a 1.5 wide strip. floral sorbetto3The Sorbetto is still a little wide in the hips for me, but I've gotten it to the point that it fits much better than my first Sorbetto. I'm basically cutting a 16 down the sides and at the top shoulder seam, while leaving the armscyce, neckline, and length an 18 (or longer). The darts I put at size 16. floral sorbetto7
1990's Floral Tank
Pattern: Colette Sorbetto (free)
Materials: Purple floral quilting cotton (I don't remember what I paid for this half-yard, but I think it was ~$6/yd - WalMart), black & purple floral fashion fabric (free - Gramma)
Total Cost: Under $8, probably around $5 or less
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