Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project inspiration: wallpaper collage walls

UPDATE: here's the project I based on the following inspiration images... enjoy!

I've been in luurrrrve with these wallpaper collage walls since I first spotted them on teh interwebz last year, probably on Design Sponge.

In fact, I'm pretty sure they're among the first things I pinned when I joined Pinterest "40 weeks ago".

I love the quilt-like look it achieves-- and that you don't have to pick just one wallpaper!

They're done using wallpaper sample books, and since you probably don't have to hang them as straight as using just one type of wallpaper, they're easier to hang, too.

While I don't think my husband or landlord would be down with me replicating them in our home, I've figured out how to achieve the look on a much smaller scale. Keep an eye out for that project.

But first, the inspiration...
Source: via Elisha on Pinterest
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