Friday, June 8, 2012

WIP: craft desk & sewing nook makeover

Well, I'm still plunking away at my sewing nook. You may remember I did a DIY wallpaper collage on the back of it. I covered up a non-functional cork board.

Next order of business was a sewing machine cover.
sewing machine cover1

I basically drew my inspiration from here, but my sides are rectangular instead of trapezoidal. Trapezoidian? Trapzoidular?

They have a free pattern that I followed loosely.

Mine's muslin, not upholstery fabric like theirs, so it's much droopier. But I like it.
sewing machine cover2

When I was researching this project, I came across a lady on a message board who responded to others talking about their own sewng machine cozies who said "why would you want to sew a machine cover? It comes with one..."
  sewing machine cover3
Um, huh? Am I the only one who thinks that's a weird reaction from a person who enjoys sewing enough to own a sewing machine and to be participating in a sewing message board?

In other news, I'm working on Simplicity 2176. Hopefully that's done soon.
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