Friday, June 15, 2012

Sewing Inspiration: Shabby Apple

Even though I'd seen it mentioned around the blogosphere, I'd never visited online clothing retailer Shabby Apple. I thought it was just another "The Shabby/Lettered/Tattered/Old/Rustic Cottage/Nest/Home/Farmhouse Blog" or something.

I finally clicked on one of their ads the other day and was pleasantly surprised with their cute dresses. While most were out of my price range, I liked that they went up to my size-- as long as I were to order a dress that goes by their "Fits Generously" size chart.

Alas, it seems like they may be phasing out that size chart in favor of more petite sizing. So I guess I'll just have to stick with them for sewing inspiration... something I found plenty of on their site! In fact, there were quite a few dresses that I knew instantly the pattern I would use were I to make up a Shabby Apple inspired dress...

So many that I don't think I'll be able to include them all in one post. But here's a few to get started. Please let me know if you make any of these, and send me pics!

Bernini - also looked like a Danielle to me

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