Monday, April 16, 2012

Missing out on fabric: Can You Picture That?

Argh! Can I just say how much I hate fleece fabric?

It doesn't breathe... it pills... it stretches weird... it's hot... it's a turd to sew-- so I hear, I've never gotten that far because up until now I've refused to work with it because...

... if everyone wore fleece for a day we could harvest  the static electricity and use it to solve the world's energy crisis.

I hate static electricity.

But then I was in my local Jo-Ann on December 16th and saw this:
Now, THIS fleece I could make an exception for! I bought an on-sale pattern for fleece (that's going to be a surprise, keep reading) and intended to come back for this "Muppets Packed" when I had a coupon.

And then between Christmas, moving, and everything else, I forgot to go back and buy it.

And this stuff went fast. It was gone when I finally went back for it in early March. Which wouldn't seem that weird, but come on! Jo-Ann's had some of those calicoes in there for years!

So, I went back and forth between ditching this project altogether or picking something else. I'd already bought the pattern, so I went ahead and chose to move forward with a decidedly less cool Kermit fabric. Stay tuned for the project!
Source: via Elisha on Pinterest

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