Monday, April 2, 2012

Where to buy a hobnail jadeite cake stand?

Doesn't the Meadowbrook Farm have the most gorgeous kitchen? Check out her Jadeite collection if you haven't already...

Thanks to this post, I am getting tons of hits from people looking for places to buy a hobnail jadeite cake stand.

The answer is... I don't know. Which is why I wrote the post in the first place.

The obvious choices are eBay, which will have both vintage and reproduction jadeite cake stands from time to time, as well as Etsy and your local antique stores and dealers.

If you're willing to do without the hobnail, Amazon has repro jadeite stands.

My choice is still, as I mentioned in my previous post, Fishs Eddy, which doesn't just have new jadeite... it also has new stuff that looks like vaseline glass, cobalt depression glass, and blue milk glass cake stands.
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