Monday, May 7, 2012

Completed: Thomas the Tank Engine Toddler Stack and Slash Quilt

Are you sick of seeing Thomas the Train here yet? Because I've got about three more posts to go after this.

But the LO's Bday is today, so I promise we're almost done!

Also done: the quilt! Last seen here and here.

I didn't end up using the dot bias tape I showed you here; I decided it was too narrow. I scrapped together some of that same fabric and the red leftover from this to make the quilt binding instead. I like how the two turned out together.

There are loads of mistakes, but it IS my first quilt in a good 15-20 years, AND my first one all by my lonesome (without Gramma's help). I'll get better... hopefully.

There are six "stacked and slashed" fat quarters, with the seventh FQ providing sashing in between each row of two. It's a combo of tied with red yarn and machine quilted.

Thomas & Friends Stack & Slash Toddler Quilt
Materials: Thomas & Friends FQ Bundle ($7 - WalMart); pillow ticking, yarn, and red fabrics all from Gramma; extra Thomas fabric from here for the border; batting (~$7 - Jo-Ann sale)
Total cost: Under $20, but we all know quilts cost waayyy more to make than just the materials!
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