Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrifty Finds: zippers, souvenir scarf

Here's the haul I promised to show you weeks ago, although calling this a "haul" is an exaggeration, because it's really just two things. Two things I got for next to nothing.

I feel like the thrift stores in my town ain't what they used to be. There's an upscale Hoff Brau in the old Salvation Army, an Italian joint in an awesome place that used to be called "My Sister's Closet", and you can expect to pay the going rate or more for most of the goods for sale in any of the thrift shops. There's really only two stores in my town that I frequent.

So it was totally by chance that I decided to go by one of the younger thrift stores in my town, just when everything happened to be 50% off. The entire store, save a few furniture items.

I got this kitschy vintage Mexican souvenir scarf, which was originally $4. The red version sold on Etsy in the 20 buck range. The big ziplock bag of zippers was marked  $4.90, but the guy entered it into the register for $4 even, bringing my grand total to $8 minus 50%, meaning I walked out paying four bucks plus tax.
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