Monday, September 26, 2011

Elisha, et cetera

How does one describe a blog about sewing, knitting, being a new mommy, cooking failures, television, crafting, and DIY attempts; especially when a common thread among so much of it is inspired by one woman (my Gramma)? What do you name that blog?

I don't know.

I gave it several attempts. Craftload. Would someone interested in interior design and manlier home projects be interested in reading something that conjures up images of macrame and paper mache?

Home Fancy. Like Cat Fancy, in a facetious way. Did people get it? That is was sarcastic and fun... not old lady roses and doilies (although I do like my Granny Chic)?

Sewduh. Again, it's not all about sewing. I still don't know what my blog is about to be honest.

So, taking a page from interior design idol Emily Henderson, who changed her blog name from the Brass Petal to Style by Emily Hendersn, I'm naming this blog after myself.

Reluctantly, I might add. I already have one blog named after myself. How conceited can I be?

But, with all the topics I plan to address, I feel like the only common thread among them might be myself.
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