Friday, July 20, 2012

Thomas & Friends birthday party bunting (paper)

thomas the train bunting paper 1
I hadn't planned on making two sets of bunting for the young mister's birthday party, but when I saw this book for just a buck at the thrift store, I thought it should come home with us.
It's one of those books that makes sounds... but this book was pretty old and beat up, so the sounds were less children's book and more creepy horror movie-- all scratchy and hard to hear.

I thought I could rescue it by giving it new life-- Thomas the Train Book Bunting! I used thrifted bias tape for the project as well.
thomas the train bunting paper 3
I actually made this one before the Thomas the Train Fabric Bunting, which is now hanging in his room. I decided that hanging this one too might be overkill, so... I'm actually going to disassemble this one and use it in a different project! This Thomas the Train book is getting more lives than a cat.

I used a fancy paper punch around the edges, which kinda gave it a Papel Picado feel.
thomas the train bunting paper 2

Thomas & Friends Book Bunting
Materials: Thomas the Train Book ($1 - thrifted), bias tape (.50 cents - thrift store), thread
Total cost: ~$1.50
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